Robyn Beeche

Native Sydney photographer Robyn Beeche documented seemingly opposing worlds: the post-punk, new romantic fashion and music scenes of 1980s London, and Hindu ceremonies held in the Indian pilgrimage town of Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh.


Beeche became renowned in London for her ground breaking photos of painted bodies, transforming the body into a canvas and a site of dynamic exploration. Collaborating with counter-culture personalities Zandra Rhodes, Vivienne Westwood, Leigh Bowery and Divine, Beeche was drawn to personalities who were fascinated with the possibilities of physical transformation. Employing imaginative makeup and sophisticated lighting, bodies were fragmented, distorted and transformed into sculpture. Regularly visiting India in the mid-1980s at the peak of her career proved life-changing with Beeche settling in Vrindavan permanently in 1992.


For the next three decades Beeche captured both the serenity and dye-drenching ecstasies of Indian religious rituals. The colour saturated week-long Holi festival in Vrindavan reminiscent of Beeche’s experimental work with makeup artists.

Robyn Beeche: A Life Exposed, Teaser

Directed and produced by Lesley Branagan,





1995 Living Culture of Vraj

NCPA Piramal Gallery, Mumbai


1997 Vraj: Krishna’s Playground

IGNCA New Delhi


2005 Fashion Faces

Kriti Gallery, Varanasi


2011 Fashion Face

BMB Gallery, Mumbai



2007 Fashion Face

RMIT Gallery, Melbourne


2008 Krishna: Love & Devotion

NGV, Melbourne


2009 Fashion Face

Chaffers Gallery, Wellington NZ


2010 London Calling

Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney


2012 Robyn Beeche’s INDIA

12 Mary Place Gallery, Paddington


2014 Fade to Grey

Black Eye Gallery, Darlinghurst


2015 Robyn Beeche a Retrospective

Black Eye Gallery, Paddington


2016 Black Eye POP up Show

Fortyfive Downstairs, Melbourne



55 works at National Gallery of Australia, Canberra



Robyn Beeche : Visage to Vraj

by Stephen Crafti

Published by Images Publishing

Foreward by Zandra Rhodes





Anne O’Hehir, curator at the National Gallery of Australia, stated that:


Much of Beeche’s work of the 1970s and 1980s exists in its own place between fashion  photography and art photography. For me there’s an interesting tension in her work between the image as decoration and the image as portraiture – particularly in the images of famous figures – Leigh Bowery, Sir Roy Strong, Andrew Logan.


Beeche’s inspiring life story has been told in Stephen Crafti's book Visage to Vraj and Lesley Branagan's revealing documentary film A Life Exposed – Robyn Beeche: a photographers transformation, which was first broadcast on Australia's ABC TV in June 2013. The film reveals how Beeche, at the centre of London’s high fashion world, finds that fame and success are no longer enough and traces her intrepid move to India to rediscover herself. Beeche sadly passed away in 2015 at age 70 and is survived by her sister Gai. In 2016 the Robyn Beeche Foundation was established with the purpose of maintaining and promoting Robyn Beeche’sphotographic archive in order to provide charitable support to emerging artists and cultural exchange.







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Zandra Rhodes and Anne Knight

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Mary Quant

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1995 Govindadeva-a Dialogue in Stone

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1996 Evening Blossoms

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2001 Celebrating Krishna

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All images and text Copyright Robyn Beeche Foundation 2015

Robyn Beeche
Robyn Beeche